Computer Security

At VSG Investigation services understands the challenges in this new Information age and fraud is advanced; therefore you need experts to counter it currently

Remote guarding.

Our ICT team visits the client area for evaluation and assessment of required surveillance cameras. The purpose of visit is to do the site survey and assessment for entire internal or external facility areas and distances. This system works based on IP (internet protocol)

Technological BMIS & Security Audit Systems.

The project management system (ICT BASED) will be developed and put in place to monitor your company/factory stores, Human resource, Production and supply chain from factory to distributors. Also we provide to schools, institutions, and small businesses, large corporations, Telecoms, ministries with its main aim of maximizing on profits, hence minimizing losses for internal security and client peace of mind benefit. Consultancy services are offered in terms of briefings to clients about how our VSG/BMIS implementations will give you peace of mind and have you monitor all your business operations by the click of one button.