About Victorson security Group

Victorson security group Limited is a security and Investigation contracting organization, (PMC/PSC), founded in 2011 by Byaruhanga Victor Emmanuel. Registered in Uganda and licensed by Uganda Police Force in 2018. Its team comes with a diverse specialized professional security management skills and expertise gained from Uganda and International Security mission Operations with the global renowned security agencies, that’s Nato, Us army, ISAF, US-DoD, UN, ICOAF-MNF-I, US-DoJ. Our personnel’s are globally security & investigation oriented mostly served in Middle East on global war against terror to create global peace. Investigations and security protection is what we know and do best.

VSG is a new beginning to a Safe and Secure world. VSG is a specialized company solely developed to minimize the threat of criminal activities by utilizing and applying its security and investigation service skills. We are the only company that is striving to become east Africa’s solution to a much needed permanent Professional security and investigation needs. We select every security personnel and conduct all training on-site with a daily record keeping system which tracks the positive as well as the negatives of every personnel to include any and all corrective actions implemented. This is done so as the client completely knows that he/she is receiving quality security personnel or team.

Investigations and security protection is what we know and do best.We offer the most advanced physical security services that suits every client’s budget

Our Mission

To position the business to become the leading brand in the private security and investigation service industry in the whole of Uganda and also to be amongst the top private security outfits within Africa.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a private security company brand that will become the number one choice for Government & both individual clients and corporate clients in the whole of Uganda and Africa.


Integrity , Team work , Responsibility .

How Different We Are From Other Competitors

Quality Investment, Site survey and Assessments, 24hr estimates delivered with explanations, 24hr reply to any concern or question, Stand-up time honored, You get exactly what you have paid for, No hidden fees, Client confidentiality, Honesty, Integrity and Satisfaction, True vetting process, Training Criteria's. Pre-Certified teams. 2 year re-certifications, Professional Detective training, Security information oriented personnel’s, security specialist, Best Dog Handlers, Instructors, Trainers, Modern security training manual development, Skilled Professionals Behind the scenes with only excellence as their driving force and lastly our skilled influential leadership Command.

World experienced staff
Our staff is well diverse in multiple training skills, to ensure the best product. They have trained with American’s, South Africans, Filipino’s, Zimbabwean’s, Dominicans, NATO member countries, Coalition forces etc. Our members have worked in Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, as well as here in our own beautiful country. We will never keep you waiting because your care and needs are critical to us. We will provide you a price quote within 24 hours of our final meeting. Once we begin our relationship you will never wait longer than 24 hours for a response to any and all questions and or concerns you may have. This will ensure a long lasting relationship.

What do we guarantee?

  • We start with the ancient ritual of “People First”. It is the nature of our company to help protect people.
  • We have a passion for this mission and believe that everyone we interact with is important and deserves our best.
  • We guarantee to provide our clients with the most qualified security personnel available.
  • We guarantee to work hand in hand with our clients and place their needs first.
  • We guarantee to provide the best price available for any and all services rendered.
  • We specialize in providing a very unique and valuable service to our clients.
  • Our strength starts with our expertise. Instead of trying to become the best at other things, we will do more of what we do best.

15 Completed Projects
20 Qualified Employee
20 Deal Assigned
20 Satisfied Clients